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Home Grown

Local housing strategies in action



These case studies are part of the Homes for a Changing Region Toolkit, a guide for municipalities to create comprehensive housing plans. Each case study covers a housing policy, development, program, or financing strategy; how it works; why it was successful; and how it was funded. Case studies address a range of community housing issues, from affordability to accessibility and from property management to demolition.
Affordable housing and smart growth
Housing commission
Inclusionary zoning
Landlord/tenant relations
Setting local and regional goals
Additional case studies
Building inspections and code enforcement
Homeowner assistance
Housing preservation and rehabilitation
Property management
Streamlining the development process
Additional case studies
Community land trust
Demolition tax
Housing trust fund
Rehabilitation finance
Additional cases


About the project

The Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP), Metropolitan Mayors Caucus, and Metropolitan Planning Council worked together to develop the Homes for a Changing Region Toolkit (Homes), an online guide to help communities plan for their current and future residents by offering resources to complete a comprehensive housing planning process based on public engagement and market analysis. All Homes plans provide policy recommendations, and Home Grown has been updated to serve as the toolkit’s policy resource.

Here you’ll learn how local leaders engaged their constituents in developing a particular housing strategy and what lessons the community learned, including what they would do differently in hindsight. Each document includes contact information for the community we featured, and readers are encouraged to get in touch to learn more.

These resources were made possible by funds awarded by the National Foreclosure Settlement, distributed by the office of the Illinois Attorney General.