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MPC is a leading advocate for a comprehensive and effective transportation system. By promoting transit-oriented development, advocating for improved public transportation options, and supporting innovative mobility options, MPC works to improve access, reduce congestion, and promote connectivity. Through research and policy advocacy, MPC is working to create transportation systems that are equitable, sustainable, and responsive to the needs of all residents.

  • Plan of Action for Regional Transportation

    Sustainable transportation isn't a nice-to-have. For a city like ours, it's a necessity. MPC has been working with partners and stakeholders to help the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning map a pathway forward. This is PART and the time is now.

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  • Reconnecting Communities

    In an effort to prepare our region for federal grant opportunities, MPC worked to document the equity and environmental harms that transportation infrastructure has caused. Our report also includes community-generated project ideas to repair those harms.

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  • Universal Mobility

    Mobility is a human right. Regardless of age or ability, access to high-quality accessible transportation is fundamental to exercising that right. MPC worked with policy experts, service providers, advocates, and paratransit users to create a vision for a better system.

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  • Bus Rapid Transit

    Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) provides rail-like speed and convenience at a fraction of the cost of installing rail. MPC’s report lays the groundwork for a 10-route BRT network that would provide better more equitable transit service for all our residents.

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  • Equitable Transit-Oriented Development

    MPC is advocating for policies, funding, and planning that advances development near transit—known as transit-oriented development, or TOD—for people of all incomes, in neighborhoods across the region. 

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  • Equity in Transportation

    Whether for work, play, or personal growth, access to opportunity is not equitable. In almost every American city, people of color have less access to jobs, education, recreation and services than white people.

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  • Transit Means Business

    Transit Means Business shows that a well-funded and robust transit system yields many benefits, including jobs, increased worker productivity, a strong and resilient real estate market, and better health outcomes.

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