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Our Work

Our pillars

MPC’s work is designed to create Thriving Communities, Equitable Infrastructure, and Just Public Systems. These are the pillars of everything we do, a guiding framework for our intersectional efforts to advance racial equity and economic justice in the Chicago region.

Thriving Communities

All communities have the resources needed to thrive, including accessible and affordable housing, healthy and resilient neighborhoods, and community-centered planning and engagement.

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Equitable Infrastructure

Public and private capital investments adopt inclusive development standards and support sustainable infrastructure for all communities.

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Just Public Systems

The public sector has the tools and internal capacity needed to transform inequitable systems and make government more transparent and fairer for all.

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Areas of focus

MPC is a catalyst for change. With our unwavering commitment to the communities and residents of the Chicago region, the work we do has a profound impact on the built environment that each of us moves through day-by-day. While our work is always evolving and often intersectional, the categories below are a good place to begin exploring what we do.


Promoting accessible and affordable housing

More on housing


Fostering responsible and sustainable development practices

More on development


Facilitating collaborative regional planning processes

More on planning


Advocating for comprehensive and efficient transportation systems

More on transportation


Striving to create environmentally responsible communities

More on environment


Engaging with government entities to shape equitable policies and practices

More on government

How we work

Imagine the table where decisions are made. MPC exists to expand that table and to convene a diverse group of stakeholders around it. Planners and policy makers. Community based and non-governmental organizations. Subject matter experts, civil engineers, and developers. Most important of all, the residents whose lived experience gives shape to every project we take on. Equitable impact is achieved through a unique model that utilizes research, policy, advocacy, and technical assistance.

Identify the problem, find, and synthesize information to raise awareness.

Develop policy, define solutions, and pathways for policy change.

Communicate and activate support and political will, develop strategies for legislative, administrative outcomes.

Technical Assistance
Capacity building, education, and training.

Make a Difference

You can help build a stronger, more equitable Chicago region.