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MPC is committed to fostering responsible and sustainable development practices. MPC encourages development that enhances the livability and vibrancy of communities while minimizing environmental impacts. Through research, planning initiatives, and collaboration with stakeholders, MPC works to promote well-designed and resilient developments that benefit residents and support economic growth.

  • Our Equitable Future Retrospective

    Much has happened in the five years since MPC released Our Equitable Futures. In light of significant shifts accelerated by COVID-19 and a refocusing on racial justice, we're looking back to see what has been accomplished, what learnings we can take from these recommendations, and how we should look to the future to build a more equitable region.

    View Our Equitable Future Retrospective project
  • The Cost of Segregation

    The Metropolitan Planning Council, together with Urban Institute and a team of policy advisors, is leading a groundbreaking, two-year research and policy initiative. The first phase of the work—detailed in the report at right—reveals that segregation costs the Chicago region billions in lost income, lost lives and lost potential each year.

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  • Zoning & Land Use Assessment

    Zoning and land use are policy and planning tools that can help shape the way residents interact with their neighborhoods and lead to greater equitable and sustainable development.

    View Zoning & Land Use Assessment project
  • Equitable Financial Incentives

    In August of 2022, MPC released research and recommendations on the need to center equity in how development is funded in the City of Chicago. A new website, was launched to house the findings and help users understand how and where specific financial incentives have been used in the past,... Read more »

    View Equitable Financial Incentives project
  • Equitable Transit-Oriented Development

    MPC is advocating for policies, funding, and planning that advances development near transit—known as transit-oriented development, or TOD—for people of all incomes, in neighborhoods across the region. 

    View Equitable Transit-Oriented Development project
  • Preserving Affordability Together

    Developed over many months in collaboration with stakeholders, and informed by the lived experience of members of the community, MPC has created a blueprint of strategies for community action against displacement.

    View Preserving Affordability Together project

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