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MPC focuses on advancing equitable and affordable housing solutions. Through research, advocacy, and policy recommendations, MPC strives to address housing disparities and promote inclusive communities. By analyzing housing trends, supporting innovative financing models, and advocating for fair housing policies, MPC aims to ensure that everyone has access to safe, affordable, and quality housing options, regardless of their zip code.

  • Our Equitable Future Retrospective

    Much has happened in the five years since MPC released Our Equitable Futures. In light of significant shifts accelerated by COVID-19 and a refocusing on racial justice, we're looking back to see what has been accomplished, what learnings we can take from these recommendations, and how we should look to the future to build a more equitable region.

    View Our Equitable Future Retrospective project
  • Regional Housing Initiative

    To expand housing options for low-income families, MPC is working with regional public housing authorities and governments at all levels to pool resources in support of developing new affordable rental homes in communities with good schools, transit access and jobs.

    View Regional Housing Initiative project
  • Suburban Housing Strategies

    MPC is supporting a group of municipalities in Chicago’s south suburbs as they work together to combat neighborhood decline and blight, by piloting cross-border strategies that build municipal capacity and maintain the quality of investor-owned properties.

    View Suburban Housing Strategies project
  • Homes for a Changing Region

    As Chicagoland residents’ housing preferences change, MPC, Metropolitan Mayors Caucus and Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning are working with municipalities to create and update housing plans through the Homes for a Changing Region initiative and online Homes toolkit.

    View Homes for a Changing Region project
  • Re-entry Housing

    Housing is fundamental to personal stability, and when individuals lack it, the consequences are dire. This is especially true for those who are returning to local communities from prison. When the basic need for shelter is not met, justice-involved individuals struggle to reintegrate at great cost to public safety and the fabric of our communities. It's time for a new approach to moving from incarceration to community.

    View Re-entry Housing project
  • The Cost of Segregation

    The Metropolitan Planning Council, together with Urban Institute and a team of policy advisors, is leading a groundbreaking, two-year research and policy initiative. The first phase of the work—detailed in the report at right—reveals that segregation costs the Chicago region billions in lost income, lost lives and lost potential each year.

    View The Cost of Segregation project
  • Equitable Recovery

    COVID-19 brought the Chicago region—and the world—to its knees, sickening our residents, stressing our institutions, commerce, and infrastructure, and underscoring the inequities between our communities. MPC offered expert analysis and recommendations on a unique moment in American history.

    View Equitable Recovery project
  • Equitable Transit-Oriented Development

    MPC is advocating for policies, funding, and planning that advances development near transit—known as transit-oriented development, or TOD—for people of all incomes, in neighborhoods across the region. 

    View Equitable Transit-Oriented Development project
  • Preserving Affordability Together

    Developed over many months in collaboration with stakeholders, and informed by the lived experience of members of the community, MPC has created a blueprint of strategies for community action against displacement.

    View Preserving Affordability Together project

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