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MPC brings together diverse stakeholders including community-based organizations, residents, businesses, and government agencies to facilitate collaborative planning processes on the neighborhood, municipal, and regional levels. These efforts result in holistic plans that address critical issues such as land use, water infrastructure, transportation, economic development, and housing. MPC’s planning initiatives create frameworks for social equity and sustainability.

  • Plan of Action for Regional Transportation

    Sustainable transportation isn't a nice-to-have. For a city like ours, it's a necessity. MPC has been working with partners and stakeholders to help the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning map a pathway forward. This is PART and the time is now.

    View Plan of Action for Regional Transportation project
  • Our Great Rivers

    The Chicago, Calumet, and Des Plaines rivers are three of our city’s greatest assets. Investments such as new boat houses and riverbank restoration are helping people in the Chicago region change the way they think of and experience our rivers. Our Great Rivers is a collaborative, comprehensive 30-year vision for the Chicago region's waterways. Together we are reconnecting communities and their rivers.

    View Our Great Rivers project
  • A Citywide Plan in Chicago

    Collective planning is a tool for residents and stakeholders to co-create a vision for their city, a plan for funding projects, and solutions to implement the shared vision. In 2020 MPC helped co-create the inclusive, community-informed planning process that led to "We Will Chicago."

    View A Citywide Plan in Chicago project
  • Zoning & Land Use Assessment

    Zoning and land use are policy and planning tools that can help shape the way residents interact with their neighborhoods and lead to greater equitable and sustainable development.

    View Zoning & Land Use Assessment project
  • Equitable Recovery

    COVID-19 brought the Chicago region—and the world—to its knees, sickening our residents, stressing our institutions, commerce, and infrastructure, and underscoring the inequities between our communities. MPC offered expert analysis and recommendations on a unique moment in American history.

    View Equitable Recovery project
  • Equitable Transit-Oriented Development

    MPC is advocating for policies, funding, and planning that advances development near transit—known as transit-oriented development, or TOD—for people of all incomes, in neighborhoods across the region. 

    View Equitable Transit-Oriented Development project
  • Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

    MPC and Elevated Chicago, in collaboration with MUSE Community and Design and the Mayor's Office of Racial Justice and Equity (OERJ), brought together seven City of Chicago departments to practice advanced diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) principles, build stronger internal networks, and engage in candid conversations on applying an equity framework to everyday challenges faced by public servants. 

    View Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion project
  • Preserving Affordability Together

    Developed over many months in collaboration with stakeholders, and informed by the lived experience of members of the community, MPC has created a blueprint of strategies for community action against displacement.

    View Preserving Affordability Together project

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