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Janson Busby

Janson Busby

Janson Busby is currently a Research Assistant at MPC, working on the land use and zoning assessment initiative. Janson collects and analyzes a variety of important variables regarding land use, and how Chicago zoning has changed over time. The data collected is to be used as recommendations for the city regarding land use, as well as tools to make zoning easier to understand for the public.

Janson is a graduate student at DePaul University, getting an MA in Sustainable Urban Development. Previously, he has been on previous research projects interpreting geospatial data in relation to public health outcomes. He is also involved with the Chaddick Institute at DePaul, working on various projects involving intercity bus service and mobility on a national level.

Janson has a strong inclination to GIS and the intersection of technology and urbanism. He is currently the graduate assistant for the GIS department at DePaul and is actively involved in the classroom, facilitating various levels of GIS courses. Janson is a current resident of Uptown, and in his free time enjoys exploring everything that Chicago has to offer.

Janson Busby


Research Assistant

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