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Support for Approval of FY2022 Proposed Budget for Environmental Justice and Climate Investments

Dear Members of the Chicago City Council:

The Metropolitan Planning Council (MPC) is submitting testimony in support of the proposed budget for equitable climate resiliency and mitigation. MPC believes that the proposed $188,000,000 to be used toward green infrastructure, workforce development, and resilient communities is an important investment that will see its value far exceeded in future social and economic returns not only for the City of Chicago, but for the entire Chicago metropolitan region.

The Metropolitan Planning Council has worked to support equitable and resilient communities through initiatives such as Elevated Chicago, We Will Chicago, Great Rivers Chicago, Environmental Equity Working Group, and advocacy for increased pedestrian, bicycle and transit investment.

The proposed investments into Chicago’s vacant lands, rivers, tree canopy, trail development, flood mitigation, and housing retrofits will help Chicago’s most vulnerable neighborhoods and residents become more resilient, and thus better prepare the entire City and region to succeed in the face of future environmental challenges.

A vote in favor of these proposed budget allocations is essential to advancing the equitable development, recovery, and future health and resilience of communities across Chicago. Please contact the Metropolitan Planning Council with any questions or for further comment on this testimony.

Find the full PDF statement