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We’re All In This Together: Improving Government Efficiency

Full details:
Illinois has more units of local government than any state in the nation, including 1,452 road and bridge districts, 865 school districts, 333 library districts and 21 street lighting districts, in addition to hundreds of townships and municipalities. This surplus can lead to duplication and inefficiency in delivering quality services.
How can we change this? How are some communities creatively and efficiently meeting the needs of residents? In the greater Chicago region, we have seen both an increase in collaboration between governments, as well as a growing interest in consolidation. Findings from the Illinois Local Government Consolidation Task Force suggest that consolidation does not always result in cost savings, and that collaboration is challenging to sustain. How do communities choose the best pathway? Are there other routes to improving government efficiency and service quality?
Join MPC as we begin to answer these questions by exploring the success of the Municipal Partnering Initiative, led by the Village of Glenview, as well as the recent consolidation of Evanston Township and the City of Evanston. We will also consider if the lessons learned in other cities and states are applicable to Chicagoland.
Panelists include:
Ill. Sen. Daniel Biss, 9th Legislative District
Robert Bruner, Chief Executive Officer, Michigan Municipal Services Authority
Todd Hileman, Village Manager, Village of Glenview