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Rethinking Regional Transit: An Expert Panel on the Power and Potential of Fare Integration

Like most major metropolitan regions, Chicago’s public transit system is split between multiple providers: CTA, Metra, and Pace. And like most transit providers throughout the county, Chicagoland’s agencies are seeing sharp ridership declines during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although riders are beginning to return, there’s still a lot of ground to make up. Let’s clarify: this doesn’t mean transit has become any less vital. In fact, the last few years have highlighted the pivotal role transit must play for the region to achieve its climate and equity goals. So how can we both strengthen ridership and improve mobility equity?   

This event’s moderated panel will look at fare integration: a solution that allows for creative, strategic, and equitable fare pricing, while additionally improving customer experience. Our national peers from Seattle and the Bay Area will join to share lessons learned throughout their fare integration journey and the positive impact it’s had on riders, while our Chicagoland panelists will discuss the progress our region has made, relevant future plans, and the technological and political barriers that still exist. With the goal of informing participants and inspiring action on fare integration, this event features the following experts: 

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