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Regional Rental Market Analysis (RRMA) For Rent: Housing Options in the Chicago Region

MPC served as project manager for the Regional Rental Market Analysis in 1999. The University of Illinois Chicago was the lead researcher, and the Urban Institute and Applied Real Estate Analysis particapated on the research team.

This summary report of MPC’s Regional Rental Market Analysis, describes a tight rental market with significant annual rent increases.  This unprecedented analysis, which measured 1999 rent and vacancy rates within each of the six metropolitan counties and provided forecast levels through 2004 and 2009, placed the overall vacancy rate in the region at an extremely low 4.2%.

Surprise findings from the Regional Rental Market Analysis:

For Rent: Housing Options in the Chicago Region provides an executive summary of the reports produced by the research team.

Regional Rental Market Analysis (RRMA) Technical Reports:

Regional Rental Market Analysis (RRMA) Key Findings:

Regional Rental Market Analysis (RRMA) further information: