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MPC Roundtable: Pullman Pulling Ahead

Chicago’s first National Monument. A bright new Metra station. Local and national business expansion. Increasing incomes and education levels. And winner of MPC’s 2016 Burnham Award for Excellence in Planning. Simply put, the Pullman community has a lot going for it.
And yet, many questions remain. Now that there is a federal presence in Pullman, what does it mean for fulfilling the promise of the National Monument—particularly in light of the new administration? How will economic forces, shifts in industrial land use, and housing market pressures elsewhere in Chicago affect the community? And how do we ensure that all of Pullman and its surrounding neighborhoods benefit from this rising tide?
Pullman’s story of community vitality, economic development and thoughtful planning is one that can inspire many Chicago neighborhoods. Join MPC to hear from some of the leaders instrumental to Pullman’s recent growth, and be part of an important and timely conversation about what comes next.
Speakers include:
David Doig, President, Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives
Rachel Smith Kovarsky, President, Pullman Civic Organization
Lynn McClure, Senior Regional Director, National Parks Conservation Association
Moderator, Joe Iacobucci, Sam Schwartz
MPC thanks Wight & Company and Sam Schwartz for their generous sponsorship of this event.