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MPC Roundtable: Getting Smarter on Transportation

These days, squeezing extra dollars out of state and federal budgets is nearly impossible. That’s why transportation agencies are moving toward new, data-driven planning approaches to ensure the dollars they invest reap the maximum benefit. The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) has recently taken a leap forward by developing one of the most advanced tools in the nation to evaluate roadway projects based on a set of criteria that ensure projects will achieve maximum return on investment.
Join MPC to hear experts discuss performance-based planning in transportation and IDOT’s new tool for prioritizing investments. We’ll explore the context for developing a performance-based approach at IDOT and key benefits of the new tool. We’ll look at the national perspective on how states are implementing performance based planning for project selection and how IDOT’s process compares. We’ll also delve into the federal requirements for performance management in transportation and what this means for Illinois.
Roundtable Panelists:
Randy Blankenhorn, Transportation Secretary, Illinois Department of Transportation
Beth Osborne, Director of Technical Assistance, Transportation for America
John Kedzierski, Corporate Vice President, Motorola Solutions
Audrey Wennink, Director of Transportation, Metropolitan Planning Council
Sponsored by: Edelman (Lead Sponsor) and CH2M (Friend Sponsor)
In partnership with: Illinois Department of Transportation and Transportation for America