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MPC Roundtable Equitable Prosperity: A discussion on growing middle-income jobs in Chicago

The coronavirus pandemic has made it clear that communities and individuals have not been well served by the current economic system with many unable to afford basic needs, like housing, food and utilities. New creative approaches are needed to help the Chicago region plan for an equitable response and build back better than before this crisis.

 Join MPC and AECOM for a discussion about how Chicago can create and maintain middle-income jobs in the city’s industrial corridors through providing the necessary planning infrastructure and policy ecosystem needed to bolster employees and neighborhoods. Two key questions the panel will explore is how potential employees can become better connected and prepared for job opportunities and how employers can help forge better relationships with the communities in which they are located.

 This program is part of a series of infrastructure implementation programs hosted by MPC, SPUR in San Francisco, and New York’s Regional Plan Association (RPA), in collaboration with AECOM.