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Life on Wheels Documentary Screening & Conversation

Life on Wheels tells the compelling story of a culture on the verge of a revolution that will transform our economy, our environment, and the rhythms of our everyday lives. In this documentary, a collection of mobility mavens, technologists, and visionaries takes viewers on a journey through the highways, back alleys, and futurescapes of transportation – how we get from here to there. Life on Wheels addresses the promises, dangers, and absurdities of our current auto-centric transportation system and explores new possibilities and stories of change. The subject of mobility has vast implications. It touches our core values of freedom, health, safety, and happiness. It hits our pocketbooks and impacts how we spend our time and energy. It literally shapes our landscapes, cities, and social conditions. The path we choose will have profound implications for us and for future generations.

This film brings together disparate voices to paint pictures of potential futures based on new social movements and lifestyle trends, emerging technologies, and new business models. We depict an entire industry and infrastructure on the brink of fundamental change. As businesses, citizens, and policymakers make decisions that will shape our movements for the decades to come, the voices in this film offer vital new perspectives. It’s an urgent conversation with complex consequences. 

Read more about the film on Forbes.



Thank you Perkins&Will for generously sponsoring this event and thank you to our event partner, SmartGO.