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Home Grown: Local Housing Strategies in Action

Best Practices from the Metropolitan Chicago Region

This collection—compiled by the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus, Chicago Metropolis 2020, and Metropolitan Planning Council—describes a number of housing “best practices” implemented by local governments around the Chicago metropolitan region. The intent is to show local policymakers and practitioners how their peers are addressing housing issues, and spark ideas for replicating or improving upon these approaches to address their own local housing challenges. This collection demonstrates that exciting, innovative, local efforts are contributing to a quality, diverse housing stock that meets the needs of a variety of residents in our region.

Summaries new for 2010

Housing Policy and Governance
City of St. Charles Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance
Arlington Height’s Multifamily Affordable Housing Policy

Housing Development
First Street, St. Charles

Housing Program
Loyola University Chicago University-Assisted Housing Program

Chicago Community Land Trust

Each summary focuses on how a program, policy or development came about, how it works, why it has been successful, and how it is financed. While many of the best practices address affordable housing issues, other topics, such as fair housing and accessibility, are included in the booklet. Where applicable, we include information on how the public was involved in the process, and what “lessons” the community learned, including what local leaders would do differently in hindsight. Each document also includes information for the people responsible for the initiative, and users are encouraged to contact them for further information. 

Created through a partnership between MPC, Metropolitan Mayors Caucus, and Chicago Metropolis 2020.