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MPC celebrates 90 years of impact in the Chicago region

MPC Commemorates 90th Year Anniversary!

Welcome to a momentous year as MPC proudly celebrates our 90th Anniversary! Since our inception in 1934, MPC has been a driving force in catalyzing positive change within the built environment of the Chicago region. This significant milestone allows us to reflect on a legacy rooted in a relentless pursuit of building an equitable and just future for the Chicago region.

Our Enduring Commitment

For nine decades, MPC has stood at the forefront of addressing some of the most pressing challenges facing our city, counties, and state. From ensuring quality and affordable housing to championing robust and reliable mass transit, safe drinking water, flood protection, healthy rivers, and resilience to a changing climate, MPC’s commitment to creating a thriving, equitable Chicago region remains unwavering.

Don’t Miss MPC’s 90th Anniversary Events!

Join us in celebrating 90 years of progress as we continue our journey toward a more equitable and just Chicago region. Throughout this celebratory year, MPC will host a series of signature events leading up to our main Annual Event in the fall. From private gatherings to public events open to all, we are thrilled to acknowledge both our ongoing impactful initiatives and the remarkable accomplishments amassed over the course of 90 years.

Explore MPC’s 90th Anniversary Year of celebratory events and join the diverse cohort of community, business, and government leaders who will be joining us. We look forward to your participation!

Join us in Shaping Chicago’s Future

As we celebrate our 90th Anniversary, we invite you to join us in shaping the future of the Chicago region. Together we can transform policies and practices to advance racial and economic justice in communities, infrastructure, and public systems. MPC is committed to another 90 years of impactful change, continuing to be a catalyst for positive transformation in the built environment and beyond. Here’s to a future where every community is valued, every person has a voice, and every neighborhood thrives!

Here’s to 90 years of progress, and to the ongoing pursuit of advancing equity throughout the Chicago region for generations to come.

Please support MPC’s 90th Anniversary Year!