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  • Change Lab

    Change Lab equips advocates, the public sector, and private entities with the knowledge, skills and tools to affect structural change and institutionalize equity.

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    two people reach over a table. on the left is a light skinned person with white hair. on the right is a Black woman with black hair. They are arranging papers on a diagram that is placed on a table. Behind them, people are reading and discussing.
  • Regional Housing Initiative: RHI for Developers

    To expand housing options for low-income families, MPC is working with regional public housing authorities and governments at all levels to pool resources in support of developing new affordable rental homes in communities with good schools, transit access and jobs.

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  • Water Affordability

    Across the country, drinking water is getting more expensive. Aging infrastructure, resource scarcity, pollution, population change, and a host of other factors all contribute to escalating water rates.

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  • Equity in Transportation: Solutions For Disconnected Workers

    Whether for work, play, or personal growth, access to opportunity is not equitable. Employer-Provided Transportation Solutions for Economically Disconnected Workers Explore the toolkit here Read the background report here Issue 2020 started with an unemployment rate at a 50-year low. Times have changed, but even when the economy was at... Read more »

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