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Transport Chicago: eTOD – Making TOD Great (again)

MPC’s Kendra Freeman is participating on a panel called “eTOD – Making TOD Great (again)” at Transport Chicago’s Annual Conference.

Visit to check out the line up or to register.

According to the Metropolitan Planning Council’s Grow Chicago research, for decades the region’s growth has trended away from the transit system and toward roads. Just eight percent of the region’s population now lives within a quarter-mile of a rapid transit station. This change drew people and jobs away from many city neighborhoods, reduced the economic viability of the entire transportation network, narrowed opportunities for working families and increased environmental damage. Far too many people live with long commutes that require automobiles, excessive transportation costs and few amenities located within walking distance of home. Increasingly, places with excellent transit access price out low and even middle-income residents. This trend bodes poorly for the city, as the latest research from Harvard University has shown that commuting time – in essence, how easily, or not, a person can get to work – is the strongest factor in determining whether a person escapes the cycle of poverty. Equitable TOD (eTOD) seeks to increase development while maintaining affordability around transit stations.

Moderated by Maggie Daly, Pacet
Aarti Kotak, Chicago Department of Planning and Development
Roberto Requejo, L-Evated Chicago
Kendra Freeman, Metropolitan Planning Council
TBD, Arts + Public Life