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Prioritizing Equitable Investment: A Virtual Launch of the Equitable Financial Incentives Website

This is a past event. Find the recording here: LINK.

Join the Metropolitan Planning Council and Chicago Community Trust on August 23 from 10 to 11:30 for a webinar on the launch of the Equitable Financial Incentives website. On August 22nd, MPC released research and recommendations on the need to center equity in how development is funded in the City of Chicago. This event provides an opportunity to learn more about the project and its findings and explore how it may support your organization’s objectives.  

The interactive website is designed to serve as an advocacy and engagement tool to provide a clear, accessible picture of where and how six financial incentives, like Tax Increment Financing, have been used in Chicago over the past 10 years as well as understand how equity has or has not been a driver of incentive use. By understanding how financial incentives for development have been used, we can better advocate for changes to the programs and processes that result in greater equity.  

This webinar will explore this research through a demonstration of the website as well as providing time to discuss the recommendations to allow for dialogue on suggestions to improve the use of incentives to advance equitable development. We look forward to you joining us and will share the link to the website in advance of the event.   

Presenters include: 

Learn more about our speakers here.

Check out the Equitable Financial Incentives website here or at

This is a past event. Find the recording here: LINK.