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Health Segregation in Chicago: Envisioning a Future of Health Equity

Public health experts claim that less than 30 percent of an individual’s health is impacted by medical-specific actions taken. So, what about the other 70 percent? Research suggests that the socio-political structures and systems that shape lived experience directly impact the remaining portion of an individual’s health. These systems impact health outcomes through the quality of air, water, food, and education, along with access to safe mobility, secure wages, leisure, and green spaces, among other factors. In a city known for segregation, what does this mean for Chicagoans?

Join WTTW and Metropolitan Planning Council for a panel conversation that will explore the inequities and health disparities that plague regional communities as a result of segregation, along with highlighting solutions that aim to foster a future of health equity for all residents. This moderated live converstaion features:

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FIRSTHAND: SEGREGATION is part of WTTW’s award-winning FIRSTHAND multiplatform, multi-year initiative focusing on the firsthand perspectives of people facing critical issues in Chicago. Visit the website ( to explore all the elements of the project.

This is a past event. Watch the recording here.