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Global Voices, Local Action: International Cities Connect on We Will Chicago (Arts & Culture)

Art has the potential to build stronger, more vibrant communities. As critical factors in helping make a neighborhood a place, art and culture can transform communities, contribute to economic development, build relationships, and provide programs and services that create stronger urban environments. The impact of art is undeniable, making an investment in art and culture vital to advance Chicago as a city where creative residents and businesses thrive.

 Join the Arts Alliance Illinois to explore international models that advance the goal of supporting and growing artistic work. You will hear from global voices on successful international initiatives and from City of Chicago leaders on the relevant policies included in the We Will Chicago draft framework plan. These policies and your input can help lead to more livable and creative communities. 

 Speakers include:

This event is part of a seven-part series on We Will Chicago, hosted by the Metropolitan Planning Council, Chicago Council on Global Affairs, and the City of Chicago. Each event in the series will feature a panel presentation of international and local city experts, along with an interactive participant workshop to provide feedback and input on the plan’s draft policies. This is the first citywide plan in more than fifty years – don’t miss your chance to engage with fellow Chicagoans on strategies and ideas to improve the quality of the city’s housing and neighborhoods. We need your voice to help shape the city’s future! Check out the schedule of events based on the We Will Chicago Plan pillars here.

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This event is hosted and moderated by: