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Building Something Better: Finding community-led solutions to damaging urban transportation infrastructure

The creation of the highway system in the 60s and 70s did enormous damage to the Chicago region and its neighborhoods. 

MPC’s latest report, Reconnecting Communities, captures these historic harms through a human lens: thousands of homes bulldozed, thousands of residents displaced, and higher levels of auto-related pollution, noise and poor health outcomes that persist to this day. More than a retrospective, this new report creates exciting pathways forward, engaging residents at the level of their lived experience to generate community-led ideas designed to reverse the damage done. 

In celebration of this landmark collaborative effort, MPC will host a virtual event on Wednesday May 10th 2023 from noon to 1pm. 

Building Something Better: Finding Community-led Solutions to Damaging Urban Transportation Infrastructure, features a panel of local stakeholders and national subject matter experts in discussion around the historical harms of transportation infrastructure, their ever-present legacies, and the growing movement to improve these communities through better infrastructure. 

Our Panelists: 

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