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Brookfield on Foot: A Guided Walking Tour of Bicycle/Pedestrian Projects

What does it take to build out a pedestrian and bicycle friendly community?  You are invited to a walking tour of the village of Brookfield on Friday, August 12 from 10am to 2pm (lunch is included) to explore the village’s current and future pedestrian and bicycle projects. Village staff, leaders, and local advocates will share behind-the-scenes stories about planning, funding, and building support for various active transportation projects around the community including the region’s first bicycle boulevard. The walk will end with lunch and a panel discussion that will delve deeper into Brookfield’s walking and biking successes, challenges, and lessons they’ve learned along the way. This event is free. Please register to reserve a spot on the tour (space is limited). 

This event is part of the five-part series titled, Taking Climate Action by Prioritizing Walking, Biking, and Transit. It is sponsored by Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Civiltech, and HDR.