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CTA ridership rebounding slower than other cities

CTA ridership is steadily climbing back to pre-pandemic levels, but public transit ridership in other major cities is rebounding faster. 
Photo: Manuel Martinez / WBEZ

How has Chicago transit ridership recovered from the pandemic?

The number of riders on the CTA is rebounding slower than public transportation systems in other major cities.

Published May 10, 2024
by Amy Qin, WBEZChicago

In this WBEZ Chicago article, MPC Senior Director Audrey Wennink speaks to the need for a transit system that works for all trips, saying, “Historically, public transit has been built for 9-to-5 work trips, but there’s a lot of potential to offer more frequent off-peak, reverse-commute and round-the-clock service to accommodate our life schedules outside of work.”

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