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Connected & Climate-Resilient

A virtual panel on community and transit-oriented development

We can improve our local economies, the region’s climate, and the daily lives of all residents of our region when we pair strategic urban planning with accessible public transit. These combine and culminate in an impactful strategy: transit-oriented development (TOD). TOD can support thriving local businesses, create walkable neighborhoods, reduce driving and pollution, and make life more convenient and affordable for local community members. Equitable TOD ensures that neighborhoods with rich transit options are welcoming and livable to the widest range of the region’s population as possible. 

Join us Wednesday, June 22nd from Noon – 1 p.m. (CT) for the next webinar in the five-part series titled, Taking Climate Action by Prioritizing Walking, Biking, and Transit. In this panel, we’ll delve into the intersections of local urban planning, regional climate action, mobility, and equity through a rich discussion about the challenges, successes, and opportunities of equitable TOD in our region. Featured speakers will share insights into how thoughtfully-developed transit stops contribute to our individual and community well-being, how local communities can leverage TOD to better connect homes, jobs, and other daily needs, and how to successfully utilize TOD. Representatives of the City of Harvey and Village of Homewood will share the major steps they’re taking to increase development near their train stations. Speakers include:

Watch the recording of this video here.