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Bus Rapid Transit: Chiago’s New Route to Opportunity


Bus Rapid Transit: Chicago’s New Route to Opportunity envisions a nearly 100-mile, 10-route Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) network in Chicago that would be feasible to construct, improve the use of the entire public transit system, and help people access jobs, shops, schools, hospitals, and other destinations. The report is based on an unprecedented screening method that identifies not only routes that can be built, but also those that should be built because they would fill accessibility gaps in the current transit network and support community and economic development investments.

MPC created this new screening method – which uses 14 quantifiable “livability metrics” based on the six federal Livability Principles – both to identify where BRT investment makes the most sense; and to challenge and inspire city and regional leaders, business owners, and residents to rethink transit as a framework for helping neighborhoods and corridors achieve economic and community development goals. This groundbreaking new approach can be readily adapted to enable cities and regions to make better investment decisions.